TREE CARE OF LONG ISLAND: An Affiliate of Goldberg & Rodler, Managed by Steven Rodler and Gary Carbocci. Is an environmentally conscious, full-service tree care company. Our Mission: To provide professional horticultural services that aim to manage and mitigate horticultural challenges to protect your landscape investment. We strive to reduce and prevent damage due to insects and disease with the combined experience of our staff, using state of the art horticultural strategies. When we visit your property, we come with the most important tools. Knowledge, experience and professionalism.
With almost 60 years in the business, our experts are capable of handling any challenge. Early diagnosis and frequent monitoring by our trained arborists and plant healthcare technicians are efficient and effective ways to keep your landscape healthy. After a property survey and consultation, we will discuss our recommendations with you to allow you to make an informed decision regarding the wellbeing of your property.


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                      OUR EXPERT SERVICES INCLUDE:

We offer tree care programs for every type of property
including residential, municipal and commercial


REMOVALS & PRUNING:  Our team of arborists and tree care professionals will evaluate your trees for defects and structural issues. Pruning is an option for healthier trees and shrubs. Young trees and shrubs develop gracefully and are healthier when they are pruned regularly. Sometimes a tree is deemed to be a hazard and must be removed for the safety and welfare of your property and family.



CABLING & BRACING: If a tree is determined to be structurally deficient, an arborist may make the decision to cable or brace larger limbs to reduce breakage and damage . This is especially important for large shade trees near your home or another structure on your property.



STUMP GRINDING & REMOVAL: Have stumps left on your property? Let us grind or remove the stumps for you and restore the area with new planting or lawn.



PEST & DISEASE MANAGEMENT: In addition to industry standard man-made treatments, we also offer natural options such as biodegradable insecticidal soap, garlic spray and cedar oil applications, beneficial insects and organic fertilizers. Once a diagnosis is made, our team of experts will treat the problem appropriately.



ROOT CROWN INSPECTION: The root system of a plant is very important. If there are defects in the root crown, a plant will struggle to survive. Air spading, girdling root removal and stimulating root growth are a few remediation options we offer for compromised root crowns.



SOIL ANALYSIS: We check the soil profile for composition, compaction, pH and other soil conditions to identify positive and negative elements that affect your plants. We make recommendations for soil amendments as necessary to improve your growing conditions.



FERTILIZATION: Soil is a living thing. It is made up of many nutrients and organisms essential for a plant's proper growth. When depleted, these nutrients and organisms must be restored to ensure continued positive growth and development of your plant material.



CONSTRUCTION PROTECTION & DAMAGE REPAIR: Many villages and towns require tree protection during a construction project. We offer several types of barriers to protect tree trunks and root systems for the duration of a construction project. Without protection, trunks can be hit with machinery and scarred, heavy equipment compacts soil and damages root systems, and branches can be broken by passing trucks. A certified arborist will make an assessment and consider several options to prevent or remediate damage to existing trees and the surrounding area.



LIGHTNING PROTECTION: The tallest element in the landscape is usually the point where lighting strikes. We offer a service to ground the tree and protect your valuable landscape.



We offer tree care programs for every type of property
including residential, municipal and commercial
  • Comprehensive Site Analysis with Tree Inventory and Inspection
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Environmentally Conscious Pesticide Application
  • Biological Insect Control
  • Disease Controls
  • Construction Damage: Repair and Prevention
  • Storm Damage: Assessment and Repair
  • Lightning Protection
  • Cable Bracing
  • Root Pruning
  • Hazard Tree Removal
  • Tree Health Care, Management and Maintenance
  • Municipal Tree Planting Plans
  • Tree Fertilization
  • Tree Pruning and Strategic Vista Enhancement