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The Garlic & Vinegar Solution

No, this isn’t a post about cooking. It is about using everyday kitchen ingredients to keep the weeds and creepy crawly biting things away. I don’t like using chemicals on my property. I don’t like weeds or bugs. I don’t want to harm myself or my pets with toxic chemicals. What’s a girl to do? […]

The Taste of Nature

I have a completely organic vegetable garden every summer at my house. It is cheaper than buying vegetables in a grocery store or farmer’s market and I know exactly where my food comes from. In addition, I can grow whatever varieties I want and a tomato from my garden always tastes better to me and […]

A Little History Lesson

In 1949 Leon Goldberg persuaded Robert Rodler to start a landscape maintenance business with him, “G&R Gardeners: Your landscape kept beautiful by competent gardeners.” It was their senior year at Hempstead High School and they didn’t know a thing about landscaping, but they quickly decided that this was the business for them. They were accepted […]