Design is a collaborative experience between the client and designer that starts from a meeting and brainstorming of ideas, wants and needs. After brainstorming, the property is surveyed and analyzed by the designers and strategically developed into a design that illustrates how the ideas can flow together on the property. The scale, location and style of the property pave a path for the designer to create unique outdoor spaces by intertwining the old and the new. Our work springs from a reverence for the variety of plants and trees that can be displayed around a property creating a colorful palette, full of different textures and shapes. With backgrounds in horticulture, art, sustainable design and construction, our designers can transform any property into a retreat. All designs will spark a sense of kinship for the client with nature that can be enjoyed throughout all seasons, whether it is by being in the space or just observing the colors and textures of the garden.

From small-scale residential projects to large-scale, multi-layered commercial projects, Goldberg and Rodler can execute every aspect from site work through landscape construction to planting. Our production team and landscape crews work with the project managers to orchestrate our landscape plans that are custom tailored to your wishes and the inherent beauty of the site. Project managers and designers work together from start to finish making sure all details and finishes are executed as per plan. During the installation process, the project manager oversees all trades that are involved in the project. This ensures the project is completed sequentially, on-time and meets the clients expectations.

Creating and Caring for Your Outdoor Living is the very embodiment of our core philosophy. Our list of services includes turf management, tree and shrub pruning, seasonal color, mowing, mulching, holiday decorations, shrink wrapping outdoor furniture, pond care, snow plowing and more. If you need assistance in caring for your outdoor environment, we are equipped to help you. Goldberg & Rodler works hard to protect your landscape investment and provide peace of mind. We can tailor a combination of services according to your wishes to create an ideal property maintenance package for you and your residential or commercial property. Who better to care for your new plants than the people who planted them? We offer a wide range of services.

A typical maintenance contract can include any or all of the following:

  • Spring Seasonal Startup & Clean-up: Thorough bed cleaning prior to significant plant growth, lawn edging to maintain consistent bed definition.
  • Turf Management: Weekly mowing, scheduled fertilization, weed control and soil conditioning.
  • Complete Garden Care Including: Tree & shrub pruning, scheduled plant fertilization and weed control.
  • Fall Clean-up: Clear leaves and debris.

Tree Care of Long Island, a division of Goldberg & Rodler, is an environmentally conscious, full-service tree care company. We strive to reduce and prevent damage due to insects and disease with the combined experience of our staff, using state of the art horticultural strategies. When we visit your property, we come with the most important tools: knowledge, experience and professionalism. Early diagnosis and frequent monitoring by our trained arborists and plant healthcare technicians are
efficient and effective ways to keep your landscape healthy.

Our tree care services include:

  • Pest & disease management
  • Soil analysis
  • Fertilization
  • Construction protection & damage repair
  • Pruning & removals
  • Cabling & bracing
  • Stump grinding
  • Lightning protection