Introducing: Garrett Matthews

We are very excited to welcome Garrett Matthews to our Goldberg and Rodler team.  As a graduate from Rutgers University’s Professional Golf Turf Management School, he has an extensive background in the turf industry and exceptional attention to detail.  As our new Project Manager and Turf Grass Specialist, his valuable knowledge about maintaining all types of grass will help ensure that our customers have the healthiest and most optimal looking lawns.  He has a plethora of knowledge about improving lawns, solving problems, and best practice making recommendations about the care of one’s property.

Garrett has been working in the landscaping industry and on golf courses for the past three and a half years.  He enjoys working in this field because there are so many different possibilities you can do within a space, “Whether it’s building a waterfall, pond, a garden or pool, you can do whatever we and the customer can imagine.”

With his enthusiasm and knowledge, Garrett is proving to be an important member of our Goldberg and Rodler family.  He is currently advancing his education at Farmingdale State University where he is taking classes in horticulture.  In his spare time, he’s really into sports and used to coach basketball in Michigan, before moving to Long Island.  He also enjoys playing soccer, golf, and is a big fan of the beaches here on the island.

If you would like to contact Garrett please email him at:

Photo Credit: Sue Sotera