Flower Power


One of our last landscaping projects before the NYS Pause took effect, deeming ornamental landscaping services non-essential, was the yearly installation of spring annuals for Northgate Properties at Melville, a Fairfield Properties managed condominium community.

Following the dark cold winter, installing spring annuals for our clients is always an exciting prospect for us as we love ushering in the new season by bringing vibrant colors into the landscape.

Positive feedback from our clients is a true testament to the power that plants have on our mental well-being:

“Just wanted to tell the board how appreciative we are for the beautiful landscaping. 

In this difficult time when we go out and see such lovely flowers it helps. Thanks.”

HOA Board President, Fred Paul Gross, echoed this sentiment, following up with a note to Tom and the team:

Dear Mr. Rodler, 

As Board President at Northgate at Melville, I must email you to share the numerous compliments we have been receiving from community members. In a time when people are anxious and saddened about the pandemic we are facing, residents have been telling the Board how beautiful the community looks and how this brings a smile and sense of great pride in Northgate. As the beauty emerges from the soil I think it reminds all that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that we all emerge from this to fully enjoy all the beauty surrounding us. 


Thank you, and to all the fabulous members of the Goldberg-Rodler team, for all of the beauty that surrounds us and to remind us how important it is to smell the roses as we look to the future.

Fred Paul Gross



Northgate at Melville, HOA, Inc.  

We are honored to be able to provide our client, Northgate Properties and its residents, visual comfort during this trying time, and look forward to providing all of our clients this inspiring service in the not too distant future.