Green Roof = Sustainable Design

A green roof is just one of many steps toward more sustainable and environmentally friendly landscapes. We installed a green roof in Eaton’s Neck using the LiveRoof System. The residence is designed specifically for several green roofs; not just for aesthetic value but environmental as well.
– Soil and plant matter provides insulation for temperature & sound
– Reduces stormwater runoff by absorbing water
– Reduces air pollution & lowers the heat island effect with sedums that evapotranspirate at night
Pre-grown modular system:
– Minimal irrigation needs, especially once it is established
– Uses fire resistant succulent planting; plants retain moisture and are fit for arid conditions
– 25-50% energy savings
– Lightweight modules decrease load on roof
– Repair requires minimal disruption of system; trays can removed and replaced individually
– Plant choices offer visual interest all year round